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The Winter of Your Discontent [entries|friends|calendar]

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WOW.... [13 Nov 2007|12:56pm]
Umm..I just wanted to post here because I have neglected this for almost a year.

This blog is officially CLOSED.

If you want to keep up with my latest rants and shit, find me on myspace.


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I forgot how good of a Song this was... [12 Feb 2007|10:25pm]
Just wanted to post the lyrics of a song I've been feelin lately. It's "Sober" by Tool, its from the mid 90s, If you have any musical taste at all, youve probably heard it.

Anyway, I wanted to post the lyrics because I need to prove to you people once and for all how much better music was back in the 90s vs the BULLSHIT condensed for the masses we have today. This strikes me as nearly something Eliot (TS that is..) would have written if he had been around today. Poetry...not pop bullshit. The guitars with these lyrics make the track shine and stand out as well. If you havent heard the song, do yourself a favor and download it. If you cant find the original by Tool, the group Staind did an EXCELLENT cover of it.


Theres a shadow just behind me. shrouding every step I take.
Making every promise empty. pointing every finger at me.
Waiting like a stalking butler, who upon the finger rests.
Murder now the path of must we, just because the son has come.

Jesus, wont you fucking whistle. something but the past and done.

Why cant we not be sober? I just want to start this over.
Why cant we drink forever? I just want to start this over.

I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you. trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave.
I will work to elevate you, just enough to bring you down.

Mother mary, wont you whisper. something but the past is done.

Why cant we not be sober? I just want to start this over.
Why cant we sleep forever? I just want to start this over.

I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you. trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave.
Trust me. trust me. trust me. trust me. trust me.

Why cant we not be sober. I just want to start things over.
Why cant we sleep forever. I just want to start this over.

I want what I want...
I want what I want...
I want what I want...
I want what I want...
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Lily Allen-LDN (Mini-update) [14 Jan 2007|12:41pm]
Yeah yeah, I havent did a real update in a long time, I'll get on that...I swear..

anyway I just wanted to make a brief one to admit something quite embarassing because I wanted to let others know that its OK...

I like that Lily Allen song 'LDN'.

There I said it.

I admit it.

You know why I like it? Listen to what shes saying over that happy ass music...you have to love the dripping irony of the lyrics set to that happy ass shit..and plus shes not a bad singer. Ive heard a lot better, of course, but still it continues the trend of the Brits puttin out better shit than Americans have in years.

So others like me who for some reason like a certain song or TV show or whatever thats COMPLETELY out of character for them, just come out and admit it...

or something
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New year [02 Jan 2007|06:34pm]
I havent updated in a LONG FUCKING TIME so I thought Id just say happy new year or something.

I'll probably come back in a day or so with a full update, not that theres much to say, shit never changes...

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Classified Ads.. [07 Nov 2006|10:52pm]
I saw this in PDX's LJ and thought it was pretty good..and entirely too accurate. Enjoy Job-seekers!


When reading employment ads, keep this handy reference close by.

* Competitive salary: We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.
* Join our fast-paced company: We have no time to train you; you'll have to introduce yourself to your coworkers.
* Immediate opening: The person who used to have this job gave notice a month ago. We're just now running the ad.
* Sales position requiring motivated self-Starter: We’re not going to supply you with leads; there's no base salary; you'll wait 30 days for your first commission check.
* Self-motivated: Management won't answer questions.
* We offer great benefits: After 90 days, you can join our HMO, which has a $500 deductible and a $50 co-pay.
* Pension/Retirement benefits: After 3 years, we'll allow you to fund your own 401(k) and, if you behave, we'll give you a 5 percent matching contribution.
* Seeking enthusiastic, fun, hard working, people: Needing people who still live with their parents and won't mind our internship-level salaries.
* Casual work atmosphere: We don't pay enough to expect that you'll dress up.
* Competitive environment: We have a lot of turnover.
* Exciting and professional work environment: Guys in gray suits will bore you with tales of squash and their weekends on yachts.
* Fun work environment: Your coworkers will be insulted if you don't drink with them.
* A drug-free work environment: We booze it up at company parties.
* Must be deadline oriented: You’ll be six months behind schedule on your first day.
* Some public relations required: If we're in trouble, you'll go on TV and get us out of it.
* Some overtime required: Some time each night and some time each weekend.
* Salary range $24k-$32k: We'll offer you $20k to start.
* A highly visible position: You’ll give boring speeches on your own time.
* Flexible hours: Work 40 hours; get paid for 30.
* Duties will vary: Anyone in the office can boss you around.
* Must have an eye for detail: We have no quality control.
* College degree preferred: Unless you wasted those four years studying something useless like philosophy, English or religion.
* Career-minded: Female Applicants must be childless (and remain that way).
* Apply in person: If you're old, fat or ugly you'll be told the position has been filled.
* No phone calls please: We’ve filled the job; our call for resumes is just a legal formality.
* Seeking candidates with a wide variety of experience: You’ll need it to replace three people who just left.
* Problem-solving skills a must: You’re walking into a company in perpetual chaos.
* Requires team leadership skills: You’ll have the responsibilities of a manager, without the pay or respect.
* Good communication skills: Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want and do.
* Ability to handle a heavy workload: You whine, you're fired.
* Aspirations for growth within our company: We love brown-nosers.
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Its my birthday [02 Nov 2006|06:57pm]
So today's my birthday...

Guess what im doing.


Guess what Im doing for dinner.

Eating Frozen Gorton's Beer Battered Fish Fillets and Ore-Ida frozen fries and watching people bitch on Dr. Phil.

Guess my birthday present.

A mailbox full of bills and the realization that I'm 2 years to 30.

Happy Birthday to me.
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Oddly Enough.... [24 Oct 2006|11:35am]
I've been in the south for nearly 2 1/2 years now and still, to this very day, when someone with a southern accent speaks, all I hear is the following:


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Im fucking pissed [20 Oct 2006|07:51pm]
Ok..Im pissed...thats nothing new but here's why Im pissed today.

i'm watching some news show and theres was some interview with one of these fucking illegal mexican rights organizations. The spokesman for whatever fucking organization it was said words to the effect of 'The Mexican community has been treated worse in this country than any other ethnic group."

The Italian, Irish and Black blood in me completely boiled and I damn near put my fist through the fucking television. Considering I could not grab this fucking moronic asswad whining sack of shit and slap some fucking history into him, I decided to do the next best thing. Im going to educate those of you who MAY read this and perhaps agree with this fuck's idiotic statement. First of all, if you agree that the Mexicans are being treated worse than any other ethnic group in America, I have one thing to say to you..Where are the Mexican Slave Auctions?

Now, I could leave it at that, but I wont. The reason I wont is because of the fact that not even Black people had been treated the absolute worst in this country. Although they are a close second. No, friends, you want to talk about the ethnic group that was treated the absolute worst in America? I'll tell you...its was the IRISH.

Thats right, the IRISH.

But smokey, the Irish are white! They came over and fit right in! Look at them today! You cant even tell who's Irish and who's not!

Here, have a nice hot cup of Shut the fuck up.

To understand this, we have to go back to the reason the Irish came here in the first place. No, it wasnt the complete oppression and subjugation by the English or the treatment of the Irish by the English that would rival ANY Southern American Slave Plantation...it was a potato famine.

Go ahead and laugh, Irishmen and potatoes..thats right, why do you think they got that stereotype? That was the main crop of the Irish and the ONLY thing most of them had to eat in Ireland at the time. Why was it the only thing they had to eat? Click the link and find out. Well, in 1845 the potato crop failed...horribly. This lead to a decision, they could either starve to death or leave the country. So most Irish got on boats to America. Once they came in, it was the same shit over again.

The Irish who were mostly Catholics, faced a country full of people who did not want them, they didnt care what color their skin was. You know the Phrase 'NINA'? You know what it means? It was a common sight in the 1800s in advertisements for employment that meant 'NO IRISH NEED APPLY'. Another sign that was common on bars and public places went 'No Blacks, No dogs, No Irish.'.

There was NOT ONE class of people, INCLUDING blacks and Jews, that was considered lower than an Irishman at that time. This continued for years. In fact, check out the following passage:

actually the Irish arrived at a time of need for America. The country was growing and it needed men to do the heavy work of building bridges, canals, and railroads. It was hard, dangerous work, a common expression heard among the railroad workers was "an Irishman was buried under every tie." Desperation drove them to these jobs.

Not only the men worked, but the women too. They became chamber maids, cooks, and the caretakers of children. Early Americans disdained this type of work, fit only for servants, the common sentiment being, "Let Negroes be servants, and if not Negroes, let Irishmen fill their place..." The Blacks hated the Irish and it appeared to be a mutual feeling. They were the first to call the Irish "white nigger."

So you want to know how the Irish became acceptable in american society? Well, I'll tell you. It certainly wasnt because Americans had a wake-up call one night...sorry people, it doesnt work that way. they fought for it on the streets. They banded together, some centered around the Catholic Church but most around a place called Tammany Hall in New York City. At the time Tammany Hall controlled New York Politics, the Irish Mob - which was the first organized crime outfit in the United Sates, NOT the Sicilian Black Hand as most think - had them in their pocket through force and bribery. Time passed and it became common to see Irishmen in positions of power themselves, culminating in John F. Kennedy, Jr.

However, even though you'll see the Irish today almost accepted completely in American society, there are still tinges of Racism against them. For example, for a while until he and his story were COMPLETELY discredited as lies, there was a republican professor running around claiming that the signs of 'No Irish Need apply' were a complete myth...even though you can still find some of the original signs from the 1800s on display at certain places. In the Northeast, youll find neighborhoods that are primarily all Irish and I dont know what you think, but if I think if Notre Dame decided to call its school team the 'Raging Zulus' or the 'Pissed off Chinese Guys' and had a really bad stereotypical Character as its mascot, thered be a fucking riot.

This was only a brief summary of the history of the Irish in America and if you really want to know how it was, you need to do your own research but now I hope you all know enough not to believe the next fucking Illegal Alien shitface that tells you that they have it 'the worst ever!!!'
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[13 Oct 2006|04:41pm]
I dont have too much to say but its been a LONG time since my last entry so I thought Id post something..

major events since I last posted:

1) I finally broke down and bought a cell phone

2) Only people who call me are people looking for some dominican bitch named Kathy who had this number before me.

3) I found out how fun it is to Speak Mandarin Chinese to people who call you up looking for said Dominican bitch.

4) I got the 2nd draft of my novel done, now I need to do another run through of that

5) I saw Donnie Darko for the 10th time last night and it just keeps getting better (and scarily enough, it makes a LOT more sense) every time I see it.

For those who havent seen that movie, heres the song at the end of movie on youtube. Youve gotta see this thing though..

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Well, I neverthought Id have to bring this up in the year 2006 but it seems some twits out there are still sagging their pants....well, you ever wonder where that came from? Well...im about to educate you all:

((taken from Urbandictionary))

Wearing ones pants around the hips so that they sag down and bunch up around the ankles. Originally, this was a prison thing that signified that you were another prisoner's property, ie bitch. Punks were forced to wear their pants this way so it would be easier for their masters to pull their pants down and butt-fuck them. Somehow this became a 1990's fashion trend. I learned this from watching a TV special on prison life. The inmate who related the story was an elderly black gentleman who had been sentenced to life in prison and had been there for over fifty years. He marveled how such a mark of shame became a fashion statement. He said that younger inmates don't believe him when he tells them but swears it's the truth. I believed him. I also think they should let him out already, he's like 80 and I don't think he represents a threat to society.


Well...there you go...youre all a bunch of Prison bitches. Thank you that is all.
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RIP Jason Chelsea [06 Sep 2006|01:26pm]
This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. Bush and Blair and this BULLSHIT war must be stopped before we lose any more soldiers, civilians and anyone else.

Support the troops...bring them home.

RIP Jason Chelsea


Overdose soldier's funeral held

In training Jason was told he might have to shoot child suicide bombers
A teenage soldier who killed himself because he feared having to shoot child suicide bombers has been buried.

Jason Chelsea, 19, a Kings, Lancashire and Border Regiment infantryman, died four days after taking an overdose.

Shortly after taking the overdose, he told his parents that as part of training for Iraq he had been warned he might have to shoot children.

His funeral was held in Greater Manchester. A military inquest is to be held into his death.

Family tribute

Jason was staying at his parents' house in Wigan when he took the overdose. He died on 14 August at St James's Hospital in Leeds.

His mother, Kerry Chelsea, paid tribute to her son, describing him as a "kind and generous man".

Jason had been facing the prospect of his first tour of duty in Iraq and had undergone pre-deployment training in preparation.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: "The Army are greatly saddened by the death of Kingsman Chelsea and the thoughts and sympathies of all the soldiers will be with his family and friends at this very difficult time.

"The tragedy is very recent and there are investigations ongoing and until they are completed we can't comment further."

The MoD did not respond directly to the allegations the soldiers were trained to shoot child suicide bombers.

Earlier this month the MoD released figures showing 1,541 soldiers who served in Iraq are suffering from psychiatric illness.

Last year, 727 cases were recorded, amounting to nearly 10% of the British deployment.
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Dr. Smokey is in, bitches [05 Sep 2006|05:44pm]
So Im sitting here trying to get more rewrites done and watching Dr.Phil...dont ask me why...and Im watching this dude just get PUSSYSLAPPED to hell by these 3 women called the 'Relationship Rescue Team' or whatever. They more or less turned this guy into a little bitch. He was walking around talking about how he was the boss of his house and whatever but then these three 'empowered' and 'strong' women walked in, all the sudden he turned into a quivering pile of dogshit. The only thing I could think the whole time was one phrase:

What a pussy.

OK, If you know me, you know Im not about 'men are this and women can only be that' and all that 1950s horseshit that we all know is just a load of outdated nonsense but what Im saying is that if you walk around like that, dont turn into a lily-livered pansy when some strange broads from a TV show show up. In fact, that shit makes me want to go on Dr. Phil and meet these three idiots and have them come fuck with me. I would have all three of them in fucking tears...especially this one fat ass bitch who told him to have her dinner on the table at 4pm, walks in at a quarter to five and then threw the plate in the sink with the food on it talking about 'this is garbage!'. I would send them all back in tears. Period. I would use all my hatred for humanity, malice, intelligence and mastery of profanity and namecalling to have these broads wanting to go home and slit their wrists.

I think the problem with this guy was that he was all talk. He really doesnt have that conviction of hatred for every person that walks the face of the earth. He doesnt have the intelligence and the ability to crawl inside someone's head and completely break their shit down before they even know you were in there. This guy was a moron and thats why he turned into a bitch when confronted. Let them or even Dr. Phil himself come fuck with a REAL authentic misanthrope. Someone who could give a rat's ass less about you, me, him, them or anyone else. This guy was a bitch, let him pull that shit with someone who just doesnt care and genuinely HATES everyone. I think I'd have Dr. Phil in frustrated tears.

This past week, Ive been watching his show a lot and listening to his psychobabble bullshit. His advice makes about as much sense as Bush's middle-east policy. If it was up to him, everyone would be vaginas with legs and kids would be running around like badasses and of course it would be the parents' fault but you cant discipline your kids because if you do, 'youre wrong!'.

Look..fuck Dr. Phil. This is what you need to know for life:

1. Dont be a bully, but dont be a pussy. Dont look for and dont start fights but dont run around like a little bitch either.

2. Neither men nor women are 'the boss'. Im sorry, its not 'emotional abuse' if a man refuses to be treated like a pussy by his significant other and its not 'being a cunt' if a woman stands up for herself. Always try to compromise, but if you cant, remember you already have a parent of the opposite gender and you dont need another one.

3. Keep yourself TO yourself. I think that would go without saying in this day and age but oddly enough, people still do things like talk to people they dont know on the street, in stores and other public places. Look, if theyre not a coworker or a counter clerk, you dont need to speak anyone you dont know. That shit just leads to problems. My theory, "I survived 28 years on the planet without knowing (insert stranger here) and I'll survive another 28 keeping it that way."

4. When in public, do your business and GO THE FUCK HOME. The store is not a public..ok wait, thats another rant altogether.

and finally..

5. Remember, at the end of the day, we will all die alone. Period. It doesnt matter how many people you know or how many 'loved ones' you have, when its time to die, you go into the dirt to rot by yourself. Because of this, unless you have any minor children who never asked to be born, YOU are the only person you really have to answer to. Not your parents, family or anyone else. No one pays you to be nice or considerate so if someone doesnt like you, FUCK THEM and TOUGH SHIT. I never understood people's obsession with their family. Family aint shit but a bunch of strangers who happen to have the same last name as you. All they do is ask for shit and give opinions when you didnt ask for any.

Remember Dr. Smokey's rules for life, you'll get by
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Hackin it up, cuttin it down.. [23 Aug 2006|12:55pm]
I've finally made it to the 100th page of my rewrites. Im pretty happy about this but the thing is that Ive noticed that I'm going through my first draft with a red pen like a German Tank division through France. I'm marking down parts that are misspelled, not worded properly and sections that just didnt work the way I thought they would and im going back and doing the actual changes once I get through the entire 326 pages. Ive got a lot of work ahead of me.

In other news, I think I'll share the horror story that was the midnight Madden 07 event that I had to deal with past Monday/Tuesday. I'll give you the summarized version for time's sake. So I had reserved and paid off my copy of Madden 07 last monday at midnight. I get down to the fucking store at 11:30 and theres already a line of about 15 people there outside the door. I go and get in line and wait for the next half hour like an asshole to pick up my shit. Well, as the time grew nearer, more people started showing up. I say people because from the nearest I could tell they were human beings but that was about the only similarities they shared to normal people.

Motherfuckers came up in Escalades with spinners and loud ass car stereos, broke down ass Astrovans from 1985 with their seven bad ass kids in the car honkin the horns, One dude in a fast food uniform and -I shit you not - a row of GOLD TEETH that he was braggin to his friend about, people came walkin up in groups of like six looking like they came out the damn 'beat it' video...and one really REALLY scared lookin white dude.

If that wasnt bad enough, I couldnt help but overhear the conversations. From what I could decipher through the cryptic southern ghetto babble that barely passes as a language and sounded more of like a combination of a drunken slur and pidgeon english, they were already acting a damn fool. Half the motherfuckers didnt have their receipts, or as they called it 'TICKETS', and were already talking about "if da mu'fuhz doan gimme mah game imma bead dey azz" and "dey doan gimme mah shiz dey gone hear bahd diz un duh newz."..Oh yeah, start some ghetto ass shit at the store because your dumb ass lost your 'ticket'..yeah, thats not buffoonery or anything.

Everytime another car would pull up, it turned into a scene from fucking Boyz N tha Hood with everyone turning to face the car and staring the drivers down like they were waitin for a fucking drive by or some shit. Then of course there were the cell phones that all had their custom rap ringtones. After hearing a fucking midi version of MC Shithead's "Doan Wan Smack Mah Bitch up", then came the damn drunken slurrings of ghetto hicks again. I was horrible. I was half expecting someone to throw a chair and a riot to break out. They should have just fulfilled every stereotype and brought buckets of chicken and started shootin dice against the wall. Why leave any out? It was already like being in a show on the UPN, why the fuck not go all the way?

To make it worse....Madden 07 isnt even that good a game.

Jesus H Christ shufflin' off to buffalo I hate the fucking south.
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THE END [11 Aug 2006|06:41pm]

Does anyone know how GOOD it feels to type those words at the end of a novel of 326 pages in length??????

Well I did it today! Thats right people,the first draft of my book in my (tentatively titled!) "Memories of Irith" trilogy is in the bag. I am going to celebrate...by getting take out and watching Monk on TV..Im livin it up today, bitches! lol

Anyway, Im happy...Im done for now....

then the 6 months of rewrites come *shudder*

but Im going on a 'work free' spree for about 3 weeks before I think about that.

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Rockstar: Supernova [09 Aug 2006|11:51am]
has anyone been watching the show Rockstar: Supernova? Im probably late as all fuck on the planet but I just caught it last night. By accident.

I was flipping through the channels (as I always do..I can never pick an actual show for some reason) and I stopped when I saw someone doin a cover of Interstate Love Song by STP. Now, that isone of my favorite songs so I stopped to watch...and I see Tommy fucking Lee playing the drums on it...I must say even though the singer was not nearly as kick ass as Scott Weiland, not many are and he did not ruin it. At the end of the song I see one of the judges and its fucking Dave Navarro. This made me stop and see what else was going to happen and holy shit am I glad I did.

This dude from fucking Iceland did an acoustic version of Dolphin's Cry by Live and he fucking KILLLLLLEEEDDD IT and I mean that in a good way. If this guy doesnt win this contest, someone needs to give him a frontman job with some band. If you guys like rock and havent seen this show yet, check it out. I saw it at around 9pm EST on Tuesday.

PS: Also check out Who Wants to be a Superhero on Sci-fi...nothing like seeing people in costumes being attacked by dogs...that shit is GREAT...then again Stan Lee is the fucking man.
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STOP FUCKING DANCING YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!! [08 Aug 2006|01:02pm]
I dont know why I'm so pissed off about this but I just am..

So I'm flipping through my TV at 1pm the other day, trying to find something I can stomach between the normal weekday mishmash of fake-sentimental bullshit like Judging Amy reruns and the Tyra Banks show (why someone thought that moronic soppy cunt deserved her own TV show is another rant altogether) and as I pass the damn Mexican channel, I start yelling at the television.

Why? I'll tell you why...

For the split second the channel stopped on whatever the program was, I heard fucking accordion music and saw the flicker of a pack of middle-aged, half naked fat bitches dancing in a TV studio. Then it occured to me exactly how many times a day I have to pass that channel and that exact same thing is going on. This made me do an experiment.

I pulled up the schedule for that channel thanks to my 'on screen program guide' and decided to watch at least 15 minutes of each different kind of show they air (i.e: News, Comedy, Drama, game shows, etc) and see if they really dance as much as it seems...I know, I know, Im a brave soul to undertake such a task of this nature. Voluntarily wading through IDIOCY AND BULLSHIT of such a monumental nature (and believe me..it was monumental.)

The Results:

It is true. I was right these motherfuckers dance in EVERY FUCKING SHOW THERE IS. Even the news. I started with some morning news program that seems to be the equivalent of the today show but talks about NOTHING that has to do with anything at all and instead devotes their time rambling on about actors that nobody has ever heard of and no one gives two shits and a fart about. Ten minutes into the show, I shit you not, the fucking accordion music came over the studio speakers and the anchors got up and started dancing in their "business" suits that looked like something that came out of a five dollar hooker's closet.

Then the comedy shows...omfg that shit was worse than a Parkers marathon. The show I suffered through took place in a 'school' and it had women dressed up like 8 year olds...only they were half naked and slutted all out to hell, which completely solved the riddle of why gardeners like to whistle at eight year olds at the school bus stop. I wont get into exactly how BAD the show was because even though I've been speaking English for roughly 28 years, I just dont have the words for it but yes, soon enough...out came the dancing.

It was the same for Dramas, game shows, talk shows, you name it, there was accordion music and bitches with WAAAAAY too much makeup on in strapless evening gowns from K-Mart with Jelly rolls of fat oozing over the sides dancing. Oh my god it made me ill. I felt like Huey from the Boondocks after he watched all that 'Black television'...only worse. By the time that was over, I was BEGGING to hear mo'nique's fat nasty ass say something about food.


People, the dancing is just fucking gay. Its pointless, retarded, has nothing to do with anything and in most cases with the fat half naked whores, downright disgusting. Just stop the fucking dancing. Stop it. Just STOP IT. NO more dancing! You are all now officially banned from dancing. What if Stone Phillips started 'Gettin CRONK' on the set of Dateline after talking about his beloved 'Myspace sex predators'? How about Anderson Phillips bustin out with the gay ass polka music while being blown away in a hurricane? The shit is childish, pointless and needs to stop...the V-Chip should filter that shit out or something.

Just stop the fucking dancing and grow the fuck up....
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The only reason Im not going on a murderous rampage is... [05 Aug 2006|03:43pm]
...The Dairy Queen Caramel Chip Cheesecake Blizzard.

thats right. The entire human race should be bowing down to Dairy Queen right now for it is the only thing keeping me sane in this ridiculous fucking heat.

Thank you.
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A solution to the Shit in the middle east [28 Jul 2006|04:54pm]
I think Ive come up with a solution to the violence and religious BULLSHIT in the middle east.

I got this idea from a comment Hartini left in an entry I posted so I cant take full credit but this would actually work.

If I was president of the good ol' US of A, I'd do this. I'd call all the leaders of all the middle eastern countries that are ALWAYS fighting over some religious bullshit or tribal nonsense to a meeting at the White House...you know what, I'd call in the Leader of North Korea too while I was at it.

I'd sit them all down in a private room and tell them this:

"You people have ONE WEEK to come up with a solution to this bullshit and I mean FOR GOOD or I am going to nuke each of your countries off the face of the earth. You are killing yourselves slowly and have been since almost the dawn of time and its about time it stopped one way or another.

I dont give a rat's ass about your 'deep rooted ideological differences' or your 'religious holy land' shit because religion is just a fairy tale grown people tell themselves to make it seem that they're not alone in the universe. You people are murdering everyone over your imaginary friends in the sky and now we are losing our troops because of it and its costing me about 45 bucks to fill up a god damned PT cruiser. Its about time the shit stopped.

If you want to have Christians and Jews and Muslims in your countries, you had BETTER figure out how to control all of them and make them get along with each other or I WILL DO IT FOR YOU. It can be done, its working relatively well in the US, Eastern Europe, most of Asia and Canada so dont tell me it cant be done. If you people cannot find a way to all live together, perhaps you dont deserve to live at all. This bullshit has caused the deaths of far too many people, soldiers and civilians alike and since you people dont seem to care about killing civilians, why should we? All we would be doing by nuking you all to a crisp is the exact same thing you people are doing, just a lot faster.

As for you North Korea, you like to walk around shaking your nuclear weapons and shooting off missles into the sea near Japan that you know damn well doesnt have a real military but youre forgetting one thing. China doesnt like this shit and neither do we. We have a lot more nukes than you and we also have patriot missles that can most likely destroy any nuke you set off. If it comes down to a real ground war, China is right next to you from the north and we have bases in South Korea that we can invade you from. Do you really want it with us? If not, I suggest you knock off the bullshit.

Now, I suggest you people get working on something right now because I've got 15 nukes pointed at each of your countries right now and my finger's on the button and my patience for your bullshit is running out. Dont look for the UN to be able to stop me because those ineffectual idiots couldnt stop a bullet with a vest. Have a nice day."

I guarantee that would light a fire under their asses. That moron in N. Korea would stand down and there would actually be a peace process in the middle east, all the radical militias would disband and somehow Bin Laden would turn up on our doorstep with a bow on his ass. I know that sounds harsh and too much like something 'Bush' would do, but its not. Bush wouldnt do this because that means he'd actually have to stop riding Israel's dick for five minutes. That would mean the political lobbyists would not be listened to and the grease of dirty money would have to stop sliding into the pockets of big business.

Think about it. Bush has been doing NOTHING but blaming the Arabs and the muslims for this shit and whats happened? Its just gotten worse. Now weve got Israel shootin off missles from helicopters and mortars into Lebanon and nobody's doin a damn thing about it but when Hezbollah counters with a shoulder fired rocket that hits a friggin dirt road with nobody around for miles in retalliation, the world has suddenly come to an end. Theres demands for Hezbollah to disarm and give up by the white house...why? so Israel can shoot their helicopter missles into Lebanon without having to worry about being accidently hit by a lucky shot? Why isnt the white house telling Israel to disarm? Politics. Same reason Israel can have nukes but Iraq and Iran cant. Politics.

I say if we wanna get involved we CANNOT pick a side, we cant play favorites. We gotta tell ALL these motherfuckers to knock it off. its like a parent with kids that fight all the damn time, you keep showin favoritism to one of em then you have the nerve to wonder why the other hates you? Come on, they dont hate our way of life, they hate how we act like Israel's shit dont stink. Granted that life in a STRICT muslim country where women are being beaten in the streets for not being covered or for learning to read is complete and utter bullshit, we have to realize that Israel is capable of FUCKIN UP too. What you do is this, go over there and tell ALL of these fucks to join us in the 21st century. In the 21st century where we have Horseless carriages, Robots and TV dinners, WE DO NOT BEAT WOMEN FOR READING, WE DO NOT FIGHT OVER 'HOLY' GROUND and WE DO NOT SHOOT MISSLES INTO CIVILIAN TOWNS BECAUSE SOMEONE TOOK OUR SOLDIERS HOSTAGE. If they cant join us in the 'future', then they can be bombed into the stone age.
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NOW thats what I call music volume STFU... [26 Jul 2006|12:27am]
Out of sheer boredom and want for ANYTHING else to write, heres an updated look at what your boy Smokey Gripp is listening to while he writes his novel, plays Warcraft or just fucks around online in general..
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I gotta be one of the only people in the world who can have Wu-Tang, Led Zeppelin, Zapp, Pavarotti, Yellowman, Lucia Hwong, Rappin Duke and Buddy Holly on the same playlist..lol
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Shit that makes NO sense [24 Jul 2006|04:17pm]
Today the white house announced that they are going to send humanitarian aid to lebanon...thats good, right?

How come they also agreed to EXPIDITE a shipment of missles to ISRAEL? What the fuck do they think Israel's gonna do with the missles?

Thats like me seeing a fight, givin the guy gettin his ass beat a band-aid and the guy beatin his ass some brass knuckles...

makes NO FUCKING sense.
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